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ATB Sever

One of the oldest plants for the manufacture of rotating electrical machines in south-east Europe, ATB Sever started operating as a public limited company under the name of SEVER in 1923.

Today ATB Sever manufacture custom electric motors and thus meet highly complex technical requirements for drives used in nuclear and thermal power plants, open-cast coal and copper mines (excavators, conveyors and dumpers), underground mines, refineries and platforms for oil and gas production. ATB Sever have also built a reputation as suppliers of complete electrical equipment and electrical engineering services in mining, power technology, metallurgy, industry and water management.

International standards, a broad product range and top quality have secured ATB Sever an excellent market position with an export share of over 70%. ATB Sever’s products are therefore to be found on all continents and in over 50 countries.

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