Home & Garden

ATB drive technologies also guarantee a high level of quality and reliability for applications in the house and garden. From water pumps, lawn mowers and garden shredders to pressure washers, ATB’s compact drives are also used successfully in various consumer goods and feature an excellent cost-benefit ratio coupled with top quality and reliability.

Here are a few examples of where our motors are used:

  • Ventilation systems for windows and lighting domes; drives for electric blinds: assembly modules consisting of stator and rotor with shaft dimensions suitable for installing in the customer’s equipment.
  • Office equipment such as document shredders: motors with gear shaft for direct connection to the customer’s gear, low-noise motor design.
  • Grain mills: open motor, lightweight design, optimised for ventilation.
  • Ventilation systems: motor with terminal box mounted and IP54 protection rating for outdoor installation.
  • Pump applications: motor with contact mounted for fast-on connectors and end plate for pump drive.
  • Lawn mowers: low-noise motors for mowers, garden shredders and scarifiers.

Our specialists in the following companies supply industry-specific solutions for you: ATB Spielberg.

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