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ATB Laurence Scott

ATB Laurence Scott Ltd have been based in Norwich since 1883. The company originally manufactured generators and motors, but soon also started producing devices and components for all aspects of electricity supply.

Company founder William H. Scott was characteristic for his time. He was instrumental in designing and building many new products and variations of the electric motor. In addition, he also invented the Scott winch, an electric cargo winch for marine applications. It is still known by this name today and used worldwide. Scott pioneered the development of welded steel frame construction, variable speed motors, control gear and motors with low starting current and high torque for special applications. The company then became greatly involved in the initial development of various highly specialised motor models for specific project applications in the United Kingdom’s first nuclear power stations, many of which are still in operation today.

More recently, ATB Laurence Scott Ltd have been focusing on the oil and gas industries. ATB Laurence Scott’s reference list is long and constantly growing. The company has thus established itself as a reliable partner in the field of highly complex motors for use in hazardous areas and protection zones as well as for applications with low-current starting.

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